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The mission of SCIP University is to offer programs that are globally best in class. We are therefore committed, not to exclusivity, but to seeking and engaging the best instructors for the right programs as well as ensuring those programs stay up to date and are constantly vetted for quality. We offer teaching opportunities to member experts who have a desire to teach our programs, whether you are a practitioner, academic or solutions provider, the opportunity is here. 

How do you qualify to teach for SCIP University Programs? We engage three committees to vet and qualify all program course offerings, teaching qualifications and choices. The SCIP Board Education Committee, the SCIP Global Academic Advisory and the SCIP Global Review Council are all integral parts of the development of SCIP University. The SCIP BOK 2.0 was compiled by our Committee and Advisory Boards, to act as a guideline for the creation of SCIP University course work. Specific skill sets derived from the BOK act as a framework for the overall capabilities found necessary to the profession. 

If you would like to teach for SCIP University, please send contact us at If you would like to propose a new course, we welcome new ideas and would look forward to discussing such an endeavor with you. SCIP University seeks not only to offer certificate options but to have a battery of courses that fulfill the various needs of all individuals seeking to learn more about intelligence disciplines.

Thank you for your contribution to the membership community.