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Frequently asked questions.

1.  What is the  SCIP Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) program?


SCIP's Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) certification program is offered exclusively at our in-person Intensives (at our conferences and summits) and at our regional boot camps.  SCIP's Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) Certification Programs consist of modules that were designed to focus on specific areas of the intelligence discipline.   Each module has been created to dig deep into the tools and competencies that intelligence professionals need to enhance their skills.


2. What does it mean to have a SCIP CAP Certification? 

SCIP is the leading Association within the fields of Integrated Intelligence and as such, offers the most comprehensive education program, fostered and led by leading experts from around the world.  As a professional within the Integrated Intelligence community, your SCIP Certified Analytics Professional Certificate will show that you have completed coursework and passed an examination relating to the SCIP BOK 2.0.


3. What is the SCIP ON DEMAND Certification and what are the details about that program? 


Our ON DEMAND option is for those that wish to achieve a basic knowledge in a specific discipline specialty from recorded coursework and this program is a complimentary program to our Certified Analytics Professional certification program.  Taking this avenue for your professional development will focus on earning a certification in intelligence based solutions.   Every course also comes with associated templates and sample deliverables to ensure seamless implementation as soon as the course is completed.  Integrated testing for each course is included.  Taking these on line courses will result in a certificate of completion for each course. Once the coursework has been completed and the certificates of completion issued and presented to SCIP, your certification will be complete!  





4.  How much do these programs cost?  How do I enroll?


The pricing for SCIP's Certified Analytics Professional program is  based on the event in which it is  taught. Full CAP Intensive Programs are offered at SCIP Conferences and Summits.  Registration for these programs is done within the registration for the event.  The cost to participate in a SCIP Certification Intensive is $1985.00 at a SCIP Conference or Summit. SCIP regional Boot Camps pricing vary, depending on the length of the program. Check here for the most up to date information on Boot Camp events. These programs' registration are found on the SCIP website.  Exams are included in all pricing.  


Unlimited recorded coursework and roadmap certifications that result in an ON DEMAND Certification can be purchased for $1450.00 for one year. The On-Demand Certifications are paid for directly via SCIP's partner, Voice of the Business Academy. 

The Self-Paced Professional Development program is FREE to all SCIP members and can be accessed through our website, Simply click on the appropriate program button below to get started:





5. What if I want to take courses offered under the SCIP University Programs, but am not interested in earning a certificate at this time?


All individuals may take any or all of the courses offered via SCIP University Program and choose not obtain certification.  All pricing is a la carte, although special offers may be made during the year or in conjunction with SCIP events.


6.  How is the curriculum determined and how was it developed?


The SCIP Board Education Committee, the SCIP Global Academic Advisory and the SCIP Global Review Council are all integral parts of the development of the SCIP Professional Journey.  The SCIP BOK 2.0 was compiled by our Committee and Advisory Boards, to act as a guideline for the creation of SCIP University course work. Specific Skill Sets derived from the BOK act as a framework for the overall capabilities found necessary to the profession.


7.  How do I get involved as an instructor for SCIP University or as a content provider for SCIP University Programs?


SCIP welcomes all individuals as well as all solution providers within the industry to create and deliver content pertinent to our SCIP University BOK 2.0.  Strict evaluation of all proposals and content will be conducted via our advisory council.  Continual evaluation and updating of ongoing programs is essential to keeping the information current.  You may contact our SCIP University staff directly via   SCIP will review your proposal and contact you with additional information.



8.  What if I have other certifications within the industry, will I be able to get credit for those courses toward my SCIP certification?


SCIP will review requests for comparative credit on a case by case basis.  The SCIP Global Review Council will follow strict guidelines based on the BOK 2.0 to determine that skill sets have been met and are within the curriculum set forth.


9. Who do I contact if I have questions?  


Simply email with any questions you may have.