CI 200- One Day Boot Camp | scipeducation17

CI 200/CAP-II Certification

Champions of Growth: CI to Drive Strategic Results and
Corporate Performance



Growth is the fundamental objective of every business executive CI
client and should be the mission of every CI analyst and leader. But
making growth a predictable, intentional process has been elusive
and inconsistent for most managers and the CI teams that support


This workshop will focus on the principles of growth as a
general managerial science and as a specific application within the
company you serve. Participants are encouraged to bring a market
or competitive problem to work on collaboratively to make outcomes
most relevant and tangible when they return to the office.



Key Take-Aways:

  • An understanding of how to analyze and apply the four

(4) growth curves to produce the performance
management demands 
results  your 

  • Steps to create, test and support growth strategies that are

intentional and predictable for your strategic business units

  • Insight into how KITs and KIQs are made relevant to executive

decision makers as “control factors” that determine success

  • A CI program design focused on growth strategy that supports

necessary strategic and operational key performance indicators
(KPIs) that makes your results measurable